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Uploading and downloading attachments in Corda

April 25, 2019
cordacorda 4springspring bootspring webkotlindltdistributed ledger technologyblockchain

This post is dedicated to the number of people I have seen in the Corda Slack channel asking how to upload and subsequently download…

Asking the right question, in the right way and in the right place

April 14, 2019

Is this the right place to post this? That probably isn’t the right question to be asking when I am writing this on my personal blog…

Developing with Corda 4

April 05, 2019
cordacorda 4kotlindltdistributed ledger technologyblockchain

This is an updated version of the Developing with Corda post that I wrote last year. Since then quite a lot has changed, but from your…

Removing elements from a Map in Java

March 03, 2019
javajava 8basicsbeginners

Very short and simple post on removing elements from a `Map` in Java.

Extending and Overriding Flows from external CorDapps

March 02, 2019
cordacorda 4kotlindltdistributed ledger technologyblockchain

Corda 4 was released last week (21st Feb) bringing with it a ton of new features to make Corda more enjoyable to work with. To be honest, I…

Asynchronous RDBMS access with Spring Data R2DBC

February 16, 2019
springspring dataspring bootjavakotlinspring data r2dbcpostgresreactivereactive streams

Not too long ago, a reactive variant of the JDBC driver was released. Known as R2DBC. It allows data to be streamed asynchronously to any…

Testing exceptions in Kotlin with `assertFailsWith`

January 26, 2019

I wanted to write this short post to highlight the function available to Kotlin that makes testing exceptions a bit easier. Testing…

Privately scoped variable in `when` block

January 03, 2019

Super short post, on a change introduced in Kotlin 1.3 (yes I know it has been out for a while now). We will take a quick look at capturing…

Validating external data with an Oracle

January 01, 2019
cordadltdistributed ledger technologykotlinblockchain

I hang out in the Corda Slack channel quite a lot and try to answer questions when I can. A reasonable number of questions I have attempted…

Throughput - A Corda story

December 14, 2018
cordadltdistributed ledger technologyblockchainperformance

I recently rolled off a project focusing on the performance of Corda for a particular use-case. The result of this project lead to us…