Intro to Kafka - Consumer groups

June 20, 2021

Consumers can form groups, aptly named “consumer groups”. These consumer groups determine what records a consumer receives. I know that…

Intro to Kafka - Consumers

May 09, 2021

Consumers make up the Kafka client code that reads records from topics, working at the opposite end of the chain as producers and benefiting…

Intro to Kafka - Producers

April 24, 2021

Producers make up the Kafka client code that sends records to topics. These clients dramatically reduce the complexity of leveraging Kafka…

Intro to Kafka - Topics and partitions

April 12, 2021

Topics Kafka, at a high level, stores records in topics. When handing a new record off to Kafka, you must decide the name of the topic you…

Kafka producer and consumer written with Kotlin

April 03, 2021

I wanted to write a short and sweet blog post on writing a Kafka producer and consumer in Kotlin before delving deeper into the topic of…

Running Kafka locally with Docker

March 28, 2021

There are two popular Docker images for Kafka that I have come across: Bitmami/kafka (Github) wurstmeister/kafka (Github) I chose these…

Public val with a private backing field

March 14, 2021

As learnt through many years of writing Java code, we have come to the collective decision to use getters and setters instead of directly…

All experience matters

March 12, 2021

I wanted to write down my thoughts about “experience” as it is something that I have been thinking about over the last couple of months…

Backwards compatibility of Kotlin's default arguments

March 07, 2021

Kotlin’s default arguments can make APIs easier to understand as a user and more effortless to write as a developer. No more manually…

Sending a HTTP request in Apache Flink

February 07, 2021
javaapache flinkflink

You can send a HTTP request in an Apache Flink application using code similar to the following: The HTTP client you use doesn’t have to be…

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