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Calling Java Functional Interfaces from Kotlin

February 10, 2020

Basics Below is a Functional Interface defined in Java: Note, that an interface does not need to be annotated with to be treated as one. In…

Serializable Java Lambdas

January 24, 2020

Recently I was presented with the following error when serializing a lambda with Kryo: If you do not recognise the syntax, don’t worry, it…

Responder flow validation (part 3 - overriding)

January 06, 2020
cordakotlindltdistributed ledger technologyblockchain

To finish off my trilogy of blog posts on including validation inside your responder flows, I present to you the final topic. How to…

Responder flow validation (part 2 - extension)

December 10, 2019
cordakotlindltdistributed ledger technologyblockchain

In Responder flow validation I closed the post with the following: How can I enforce the rules of my business when the logic inside a…

Responder flow validation

November 25, 2019
cordakotlindltdistributed ledger technologyblockchain

Do you want to prevent your node from accepting transactions that are not important to your business? Do you want to prevent your node from…

Common CorDapp mistakes and how to fix them

November 23, 2019
cordadltdistributed ledger technologyblockchainpresentationconference talk

This is the talk I gave at CordaCon in October. Title: A tale of Corda Slack adventures - Common CorDapp mistakes and how to fix them The…

Sometimes, it's better to not do your work

November 20, 2019

It’s 11 o’clock and I am finally doing my own work… I typically say this line to my colleague almost every day. I used to mean it (albeit…

Augmenting a Spring Data repository through delegation

September 14, 2019
springspring datakotlinjavar2dbcspring data r2dbcreactivereactive streamsspring boot

I have recently written several posts about Kotlin’s delegation. In doing so, I realised a useful way to apply it to Spring Data…

Implementing multiple interfaces through delegation

September 05, 2019

In Kotlin, a class can implement multiple interfaces. This is common knowledge. A class can also use delegation to implement numerous…

Streaming live updates from a reactive Spring Data repository

August 29, 2019
springspring datakotlinjavar2dbcspring data r2dbcreactivereactive streams

This post details a naive implementation of streaming updates from a database to any other components that are interested in that data. More…

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