Deep Work - A summary

February 19, 2023

Several months ago, I read the book Deep Work, by Cal Newport and wanted to write a summary of the main takeaways I found within it…

Ktor WebSockets

August 19, 2022
kotlinktorwebsocketsktor websockets

Ktor provides a WebSocket plugin to allow your applications to push real-time data between backend servers and clients over HTTP. The code…

Ktor - A Kotlin web framework

July 24, 2022
kotlinktorktor 2.0.3

Ktor is an asynchronous web framework written in and designed for Kotlin, leveraging coroutines and allowing you to write asynchronous code…

Reading and writing with a ConcurrentHashMap

July 09, 2022

provides a implementation with thread-safe read and write operations. The and interfaces provide methods that takes advantage of to…

I rarely need Stack Overflow anymore

June 12, 2022

I noticed recently that my dependence on Stack Overflow and similar platforms has wained as I have progressed in my career. The challenges I…

Getting started with RSocket Kotlin

June 04, 2022

RSocket is a transport protocol designed for reactive applications. More information on RSocket can be found on their website, leaving me to…

Should you write comments, revisited

April 11, 2022

5 years ago, I wrote a blog post about leaving comments in your code. I leant heavily towards the side of not writing comments, and I see…

Using GraphQL Java with Spring

January 09, 2022

GraphQL Java is one of the most popular GraphQL server-side implementations for Java that I’ve found (with over 5k stars at the time of…

Building a modular REST API with Javalin

November 20, 2021

Javalin is a simple and lightweight web framework for Java and Kotlin (and technically any JVM language). I recently had to dig into Javalin…

Documenting a Spring REST API following the OpenAPI specification

September 26, 2021
springspring bootjavaspringdoc-openapiopen apiswagger

The OpenAPI specification defines how to write HTTP APIs that can be consumed by any programming language and provide insight into the APIs…

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