How do I use this?


I’m trying to write my first ever blog post and I have absolutely no idea how to start. It took me at least 5 minutes to figure out how to change the title, hence the name of the post.

As I write this I am overcome with dread but I will try stick with this. The main reason I am starting this blog is to try help cement my understanding of software development as I love talking about what I do at work and the little amount I’m able to get done at home, but I struggle to explain what I mean very well. My sudden rush to write this blog has come from the recent podcasts I have been listening to. Hearing all these successful developers working in various languages and across different areas talk about what they do in there spare times firstly makes me feel inadequate but after that optimistic in what I can achieve in the career I have barely started.

I mentioned above that I am a software developer, that’s what my job title says or “Java Developer” if you want to be pedantic. I graduated last year with a Computer Science degree and managed to get a job only a few weeks after finishing my last exams at university. Since then I have been working and I am currently at my second position during that time.

Anyway… I’m struggling I’ve never been that great at English, I only got a C in it all those years ago after all and I’m a software developer do I really need to write stuff that well? So I’ll stop here. Hopefully in the not so distant future I will write some more of these posts but less of this random talk a bit more coding, I even have some ideas in mind.

Dan Newton
Written by Dan Newton