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Saving transactions where only a subset of parties are signers

July 05, 2019
cordakotlindltdistributed ledger technologyblockchain

It took a while for me to think of a title that could summarise the contents of this post without becoming a full sentence itself. I think I…

Kotlin primitive and object arrays

June 21, 2019

I initially set out to write this post because I was playing around with some reflection code and thought I found something interesting…

Preventing invalid spending of broadcasted states

June 12, 2019
cordakotlindltdistributed ledger technologyblockchain

Corda is super flexible and will allow you to put together the code needed to write many complex workflows. This flexibility does come with…

Broadcasting a transaction to external organisations

May 31, 2019
cordakotlindltdistributed ledger technologyblockchain

There is a misconception that Corda cannot broadcast data across a network. This is simply wrong. In fact, Corda can send anything between…

Running a Kotlin class as a subprocess

May 25, 2019

Last week I wrote a post on running a Java class as a subprocess . That post was triggered by my need to run a class from within a test…

Extending Flows to customise transaction validation

May 18, 2019
cordacorda 4kotlindltdistributed ledger technologyblockchain

Through the use of flow extension, nodes running the same CorDapp can include extra validation to ensure that a transaction meets their…

Running a Java class as a subprocess

May 17, 2019

Running a Java class (not a jar) as a subprocess is something I needed to do this week. More precisely, I wanted to spawn a new process from…

Class delegation in Kotlin

May 09, 2019

In software engineering, the delegation pattern is an object-oriented design pattern that allows object composition to achieve the same code…

Spring Data R2DBC for Microsoft SQL Server

May 07, 2019
springr2dbcspring dataspring bootjavakotlinspring data r2dbcmssqlsql serverreactivereactive streams

This post is the sibling of another blog post I wrote that focused on Spring Data R2DBC and Postgres . Hopefully, you read the title before…

Verifying a Contract with CSV data

May 05, 2019
cordacorda 4kotlindltdistributed ledger technologyblockchain

Attachments in Corda can be more than just PDFs sent along with a transaction. They can actually be used programmatically when running a…